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Frequently Asked Questions

What Lash Material Does Social Lashes Use?
There are 2 different types of eyelash material; Silk eyelashes and Siberian Mink Fur eyelashes. Before your service takes place you are able to choose which material you prefer.
How Long Does Each Service Take?
Each Eyelash service is different. The average timing of each service is 60 minutes long. When you book your appointment the time breakdown is described!
How long do they last?
When you visit Social Lashes, each high skilled stylist is trained in the Social Lashes technique that guarantees your lashes to last longer than ever before. The average lash retention is from 3-5 weeks.
What Glue Options Are There?
There are 3 different glue options at Social Lashes. You can choose from strong, medium or sensitive glue. Consult your Social Lashes Stylist before your service to pick the right glue for you!
Does the extension process hurt?
Never! At Social lashes we guarantee a no-pain experience

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